Online Tuition and the Covid-19 Pandemic: How to Excel Digitally

The entire world has had over one and a half year of hectic existence due to Covid-19. Many aspects of life as we know it changed. Online work, social distancing, digital socialising and more pronounced personal hygiene measures all took effect. Needless to say, the world of education also saw some big changes. Online tuition and learning opportunities became central to most learning experiences, regardless of subject or age.

At The Annexe Project tuition centre, we’ve also had to adapt. We started offering online learning for our A Level Math TuitionO Level A Math TuitionO Level E Math TuitionO Level English Tuition and other tuition programmes to students. If you’re wondering about how to make full use of online tuition, the following guide will has some beneficial suggestions.

You Still Need to Maintain a Learning Schedule

For many students, online tuition and learning provide the sense of  “freedom” from traditional schedules and educational routines. To make the most of digital learning, however, it’s still incredibly important to maintain a schedule and a committed attitude.

It’s always a good idea to discuss the curriculum, the assignments and the various milestones with your tutor before getting started. Your ultimate goal would be to complete a certain level or get prepared for an exam by a specific date. In the absence of structure, you’re not going to accomplish these goals.

It’s still up to the tutor to set the tone and make sure that students are following through with their responsibilities. Because the communication is remote, however, you’ll also need to be a bit more disciplined. Understand that your academic future depends on the effort you put in the process and dedicate enough time to mastering material.

Touch Base with Your Tutor Often Enough

At The Annexe Project, we believe that the personal connection with the tutor is one of the biggest prerequisites for the successful completion of a program. Having that personal connection is a bit more difficult (but not impossible!) when online learning is concerned.

When signing up for an online learning opportunity, make sure you’ll be touching base with your tutor often enough. Such sessions will give you a chance to ask questions, go deeper into problematic material and personalise the learning experience.

Do prepare for such sessions in advance. Get familiar with the lesson and the most challenging aspects of it. Knowing what you’re potentially going to struggle with provides opportunities to prioritise such material and dedicate as much time as needed to it.

Similarly, it’s important to touch base with classmates and other participants in the tuition program. Exchanged information and collaborating on learning (even if you’re doing so from a distance) will make you feel more connected and also provide an opportunity to benefit from the experiences that your peers have had.

Ensure a Distraction-Free Environment + Reliable Technology

Online tuition isn’t just about your commitment. Its effectiveness also depends on your learning environment.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to set up a learning corner at home.

Having a distraction-free study helps you concentrate and grasp complex material within the shortest possible time period. Get your family on board. Let them know when you’ll be participating in online learning sessions and ask them not to interrupt during such periods.

Also, make sure that you have the required technology for digital tuition sessions. Reliable internet connectivity, a big enough screen and quality headphones with a microphone set will all be required for adequate participation in online learning sessions. Make sure all these essentials are available in advance. Finding out that your microphone doesn’t work during the learning session itself is obviously not optimal.

If Possible, Use the Hybrid Approach

Some learning centres like Annexe have enabled a hybrid learning approach to give students access to both possibilities in a challenging time.

So, it’s up to you to decide when you’re going to attend a tuition centre and when you’re going to take online lessons.

Usually, it’s best to visit the centre for the material that challenges you the most. This way, you can ask questions and dedicate time to seeking out the information you require. For topics that you’re not too particularly worried about, you can count on online lessons.

Again – such an approach will require a bit of preliminary planning and familiarity with the curriculum. If you’re finding it too difficult to embrace the hybrid approach and make the most of it, going one way or the other will make more sense.

Online Tuition and In-Person Tuition works Hand in Hand!

Online tuition is definitely different from getting in-person lessons. And that can be a good thing if you maintain a bit of flexibility. Luckily, technology gives us chances to keep making progress even when personal contact is difficult or impossible.

If you believe that staying home makes the most sense for you right now, do choose online learning options. Luckily, our tuition centre has developed high quality remote programs for our students to enjoy. All it takes is a bit of preparedness and getting used-to. Once you understand the ways in which online learning is different and complements from in-person tuition, you’ll also know which approaches are bound to deliver best results.

Currently, The Annexe Project offers group learning at the centre and online tuition options. It’s up to you to choose one option or the other, based on individual preferences and safety concerns. If you do go for online tuition, we’ll do our best to make the experience comprehensive, holistic and beneficial for you.