How To Become A Math Whiz: Tips For Kids And Adults

Read on to learn more about these strategies to make Math practice enjoyable! 

 Have a study Buddy

Do you consistently feel that you are lacking the motivation to study?

You open your books and force yourself to delve into them, but you find yourself unproductively burning through hours of your day?

Well if this is you then maybe it’s time for a study buddy.

A study buddy is a partner who simply studies with you. It can preferably be a good friend or maybe a peer who is suffering from a similar lack of motivation. A study buddy can keep you motivated as you both have similar goals and commitments. Additionally, it is a very good opportunity to share your knowledge and insights. With a study buddy, you can also remain accountable to one another when one of you starts lacking off.

And finally, a good study buddy will also give you productive competition which will allow you to consistently challenge your skills and allow you to excel.

Get Math Tutoring:

Have you ever found yourself in the vicious cycle of not understanding a topic in class and then seeing your peers sail off towards new chapters while you are stuck on an island of desperation. It’s agonizing, watching your fellows go ahead while you can’t reach out to them as you can’t just grasp that one topic and move ahead.

Now, this is an all too familiar situation for many students and it has a very easy solution: get a math tutor. 

Whether  you are looking for A Level H2 Math tuition or O Level Additional Math tuition, we have a really good math tutor here at the Annexe Project Tuition Centre

Also here is a  guide on how to look for a good math tutor.

A tutor addresses a class of students who are as equally troubled by math as you would be. This results in a space of students that are highly motivated to improve. Studying with peers who have such a mindset helps you improve your skills much more efficiently than a normal class. Furthermore, if you are still distressed by any concept or lesson, a tutor can help you with it individually out of class so you can excel in your concerned topics!

Play Educational Games:

Math is about numbers and formulas. And if you don’t like numbers and formulas, it’s really hard to enjoy math. Did you know that you can become a math expert by playing math games?

You don’t have to be a genius – or even love math – to become a math whiz now. There are tons of interactive, educational math games available at your fingertips by a single search.

Do All Your Homework on Time:

This step is the simplest yet the most difficult to keep up with. We all are aware of how a tiny and apparently small load of homework, when delayed, can keep adding up and snowball into something overwhelmingly massive.

This phenomenon is caused by our biggest enemy, procrastination. Procrastination steals away all our time and leaves us very unproductive. 

The best way to prevent procrastination is by always following the rule: If it can be done today, do it NOW.

So, in short, if you can manage to keep up with your homework in time, there is undoubtedly no force on this planet that can stop you from becoming a true math WHIZ!

Believe in Yourself

Finally, the most important tip we can ever give you for becoming a math expert or for any arena of your life is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Know that you have infinite potential and the only boundaries stopping you are barriers placed by your mind.

Keep yourself elevated with confidence provided by our strategies and know that no problem, no matter how big, can shake you down!


So go ahead and start implementing these strategies in your life because they will be integral towards your path in becoming a true math Whiz.

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