A Level H2 Mathematics Tuition

In 2019, 92.3% of students scored either A or B in A Levels

The course syllabus at The Annexe Project prepares students adequately for A Level Higher 2 Mathematics, where students develop mathematical thinking and reasoning skills as well that are essential for further learning of Mathematics. H2 Mathematics is designed to prepare students for a range of university courses, including mathematics, sciences, engineering and related courses, where a good foundation in mathematics is required. Through applications of mathematics, students also develop an appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to the real world.


Class Day Time
J1 H2 Math Class A Saturday 2:00PM – 3:30PM
J1 H2 Math Class B Thursday 7:30PM – 9:00PM
J2 H2 Math Class A Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00NN
J2 H2 Math Class B Friday 6:30PM – 8:30PM


Your Tutor

Mr. Alvin Yeo, Principal and Founder

Head of the Department of Mathematics – Secondary and

Junior College Level


  • Bachelor of Architecture, National University of Singapore NUS
  • Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore 1996 – 1997
  • Maris Stella High School, Singapore 1992 – 1995


  • 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience
  • Founder of The Annexe Project Educational Centre, Singapore since 2008
  • Lecturer and Subject Co-ordinator, A-level H2 Mathematics and O-level

Additional Mathematics tuition, The Annexe Project since 2008

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Course Framework

Every year between August and October, our star tutor Mr Alvin Yeo will prepare his J2 students intensively through a 16- lesson Full Revision Program package followed by Mock Examinations Paper 1 and 2 set by himself that effectively prepares them to get their As. To increase the practice intensity for H2 Mathematics, A-level students can also enrol themselves into the ASTRO Program that kicks start on the first week of June yearly.

Jan – May Topical Coaching
Jun Mid Year Exam Preparations
Jul-Sep Topical Coaching
Oct End of Year Exam Preparations
Nov – Dec Topical Coaching
Jan – May Topical Coaching
Jun Mid Year Exam Preparations
Jun –Jul Topical Coaching (End of Syllabus) ASTRO Program commences
Aug – Oct Full Year Revision Program (Question Spotting Phase) The Annexe Project Mock Examinations I & II
Nov Consultations for the A-Levels


  • Nicholas Koh
    Temasek Junior College
    Alvin isn't a tutor who simply goes through the Math textbook during class. He emphasises on the importance of fundamental learning as understanding key concepts in Math is crucial. If I am unable to understand a concept, he continues simplifying it for me until I fully grasp it. His greatest strength is that he never leaves his students’ side. I have seen him sacrifice his meals, off-days and even sleep so he could assist me with the complications I faced while solving Math sums.
  • Jedidiah Lim
    Serangoon Junior College
    Alvin’s unique and engaging method of teaching us let me enjoy Math in a way I never thought was possible. Without Alvin’s tutelage, I would not have gotten an A for H2 Math that I worked so hard for! Annexe taught me how to master Math and even gave me new friends and memories that I will remember dearly for the rest of my life. Thank you Alvin and The Annexe Project for giving me a second home to learn and grow.
  • Zhao Xu Ze
    Nanyang Junior College
    Alvin is an outstanding teacher who goes beyond his job of teaching, and bonds with his students by creating memorable connections with us. He also makes his lessons interesting and easy-to-understand by sharing great study tips and resourceful shortcuts.The Annexe Project has helped me tremendously during my school days, and I’m certain that I definitely wouldn't have achieved my As if it were not for Alvin's constant help and guidance.
  • Keith Ng
    Temasek Junior College
    Alvin’s teaching methods were integral in helping me achieve good results. Alvin’s patience with every student is truly commendable. If I am unsure about a concept, Alvin will explain the answer to me very clearly and only move ahead with the lesson if he is convinced that I am familiar with every detail of the Math sum. He is also very well-organised and illustrates clear diagrams in his extensive list of notes that let us fully understand how to solve a wide range of questions.
  • Won Jer Maine
    Serangoon Junior College
    Under the ASTRO programme, we completed weekly exam papers under timed conditions. This was very useful leading up to the A-levels as it gave me the practice and momentum I needed for a 3-hour Math paper. With Alvin’s help and constant motivation, I improved tremendously and managed to jump 4 grades within 9 months for A-levels! I am extremely thankful to Alvin and appreciate his dedication to help his students improve and excel.
  • Loy Sing Qiang
    Meridian Junior College
    He was really special. His explanation of math problems was done with wonderful clarity, as each and every one of us could understand his solutions effortlessly. He didn't just present the answers in a slipshod manner with poorly drawn diagrams like some other teachers do, but instead always took the effort to draw his diagrams with utmost recision, showing how serious he took his work. His professionalism is commendable.
  • Lee Le Xin
    Victoria Junior College
    I remember fondly the times when Alvin would stay back beyond his working hours just to help us to understand the concepts and to ensure that we were able to fully grasp them. His constant encouragements and unwavering belief in me also renewed a hope in me for the subject and a confidence not from my own abilities in math, but from a faith in their teaching and guidance.
  • Nandini
    Anderson Junior College
    Alvin is a role model in terms of both character and achievements. Alvin has cultivated mental strength in me to face challenges and adversities, as well as to overcome my setbacks. He has also made work look like play – he made me enjoy what I was doing for two years in Junior College, despite my initial inhibitions. Alvin has always challenged me to keep doing better in Math.
  • Seet Qi Hao
    Meridian Junior College
    Alvin’s charm comes from the fact he teaches through the eyes of a student, he sources out the exact problem which impedes your understanding of a certain concept and demolishes it. In addition, lessons were never boring with Alvin’s unique style of humour and classic quotes, which made me look forward to lessons. Soon, I got more confident with each chapter till a point where I realised that scoring for the A-levels was definitely possible for me!
  • Rason Chen
    Dunman High School
    Alvin’s method of teaching is uniquely different. He approaches every student amicably, clarifying their questions and doubts with confidence and occasionally adds in the lamest jokes you’ve heard of! Initially, my grade for H2 Mathematics was just a cut-off B. Under Alvin’s guidance, my grade improved to a high A! Alvin is more than just a teacher, he is a mentor and friend as well.
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The ASTRO Program (A-Level)

The key to scoring, particularly in Mathematics, is practice, practice and… practice. Mr Alvin Yeo highly regards the importance of doing mathematic problems repeatedly within a given time frame because it helps to build momentum, confidence and trains each individual to manage time wisely. The ASTRO Programme helps students to achieve academic excellence and reach the goals they have set for themselves with a simple 5-step approach.


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