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Specialising in Mathematics and English, we ensure that students achieve their academic goals by making them more than adequately prepared for their Cambridge O-Level and A-Level examinations.

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A Word From the Founder

Mr Alvin Tan is the Best A Level H2 Mathematics and O Level Mathematics Tutor in SingaporeDear students and parents,

I am Alvin Yeo, the founder of The Annexe Project and also the head lecturer for all H2 Mathematics (for A level) and Additional Mathematics (for O level) courses conducted at The Annexe Project. A warm welcome to our website!

Admittedly, I never foresaw myself establishing The Annexe Project. Designing buildings and structures has always been a boyhood passion, explaining why I pursued an Architecture degree in NUS. During my university years, I had to support myself by tutoring students, and it was then I found myself discovering an addictive joy in teaching, in guiding a student toward that “Aha” moment.

My students grew in number and suddenly – I had this wonderful idea to convert a spare room in my home into a classroom. Back then, my first group of students (5 SJI boys) had been failing A and E Math badly. For two years, we laboured together and eventually we saw the glorious A’s on all of their ‘O’ level certificates; in those two years, we had overseas trips, and many a sleepless night spent tirelessly attacking math problems, inevitably forging this compact and sturdy circle of friends.

My students’ enrolment steadily swelled, and my little spare room soon gave way to a bigger home at Sims Avenue, Eunos. The year 2008 finally saw the official opening of The Annexe Project Educational Centre. When I speak of The Annexe Project, I say that it is a tuition centre – yet, I must also add that it is a second home, for both students and teachers alike. I do not look back in regret, for in front of me are students who have grasped their sought-after grades, and, more importantly, young individuals whom I proudly watch inch their way stubbornly and resolutely through their personal setbacks toward adulthood. To this end, whether the impact I have made be extremely miniscule, or vastly significant: I am very, and sincerely, grateful.

Alvin Yeo, Founder and Principal


  • Ethan Lim Yee Tern
    Victoria Junior College
    Alvin’s effective tutorage brushed up my measly mathematical knowledge and pushed me to pursue excellence in my academics. The meagre C in my Integrated Programme EOY results leaped to an A for my A-levels. I truly believe that without Alvin’s help, I would not have been able to achieve my As. My 2 years in Annexe Project were truly transformative for my grades and my attitude towards learning. If you’re looking for a place to learn, The Annexe Project’s your home.
  • Goh Cheng Hao
    Victoria Junior College
    Ever since being under Alvin’s tutelage, I found myself steadily improving and becoming more confident in my ability to do consistently for the subject. Alvin always makes sure we are able to grasp each new topic thoroughly, and personally compiles case studies so that we are exposed to common question types. His lessons are engaging and concise, and the weekly tests as well as topical revisions leading up to exams are especially helpful. I am immensely grateful for his support and guidance that helped me to clinch an A for the H2 Math paper. Thank you so much Alvin!
  • Chen Wan Yi
    Saint Andrew’s Junior College
    I am so thankful to have found Alvin as my Math tutor and The Annexe Project as a trustworthy tuition centre that delivers quality teaching. I can count on Alvin who is always ready to provide free consultations after tuition class to clear my doubts in certain concepts, I pressed on and jumped from a “S” to an “A” for the A levels in just 6 months! Always have faith in Alvin and diligently practise doing sums on your own every day and I promise you that your efforts will not fail you!
  • Low Peng Heng
    Dunman High School
    I am grateful for all the help The Annexe Project has given me. The friendly tutors at The Annexe Project have always patiently guided me to have a better grasp of the subjects by teaching me the fundamentals and building a solid foundation. This gave me a sense of comfort that I was not facing this difficult and arduous journey alone. Eventually, my hard work and Alvin’s guidance led me to an A for H2 Mathematics for A Levels.
  • Jonan Yap Woon Kiat
    Catholic Junior College
    I am proud to say that I achieved an 'A' grade for my A Levels and I could not have done it without Alvin's help throughout these past 2 years. I am really thankful to Alvin for making Mathematics such an easy subject to do and learn in my JC years.
  • Akmal Bin Adli Yashir
    Victoria Junior College
    H2 Mathematics was definitely tougher than O Levels Mathematics and I did struggle in the initial few months of JC 1. Thankfully with the help of Alvin’s tutorial classes and his notes and materials given to me , it definitely made a huge impact on my grades as I saw improvements throughout the year. After following Alvin’s lesson plan diligently and with the constant support and consultations that I got from him, it allowed me to eventually clinch that much coveted ‘A’ in H2 Mathematics for A-Levels.
  • Joyce Pang
    CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary School
    Alvin’s willingness to go far and beyond for his students can be seen through the endless consultations he provides, even if it means staying beyond his working hours. I vividly remember the number of times I met him after lessons for consultations, sometimes even late at night, and the numerous questions that I put in front of him, which he patiently solved them without any hesitation or complain. His support and words of encouragement motivated me to push beyond my limits.
  • Tristan Loo
    Ngee Ann Secondary School
    Although it was a last-minute decision to take up English tuition with Michelle, she never gave up on me and had complete faith in me! I think this new-found confidence in me was the last ingredient that completed the dish and eventually I scored an A2 for my N-levels English. I would have never achieved this feat within a short span of 2 months if I hadn’t agreed to this crash course with Michelle, and for this, I’m forever grateful to her. Thank you!
  • Zoey Lee
    Geylang Methodist Secondary School
    Upon attending Alvin’s lessons, I realised how clear and detailed his explanations of the concepts and steps in solving the problem sums were, that I finally caught a glimpse of hope for the subject. Alvin also encouraged me to join The Astro programme for A-Math where I got to do more papers that were timed to further build my momentum and work on my time management. As I slowly see my results for the Astro papers improve, my confidence also started to soar!
  • Jordan Goh Si Zhe
    Dunman High School
    Alvin was extremely motivating as he explained Math problems with such clarity that I fully understood even the most challenging Math solutions. The notes he produced were of an excellent standard, and often featured extra practices covering a wide spectrum of different problem sums of varying levels of difficulty. He extends genuine care to all his students and gives us helpful advice to better ourselves.
  • Tristan Loo
    Ngee Ann Secondary School
    Throughout my journey at The Annexe Project, my tutor Alvin, has always been a great motivator and believer in his students’ potential to achieve the best! His teaching skills are superior and sets him apart from the other tutors that I ever had. I really owe it to Alvin for helping me achieve an A2 for Mathematics in my N-levels. It was a feat that I thought I could never achieve in my wildest dreams! Thank you, Alvin!
  • Nicholas Koh
    Temasek Junior College
    Alvin isn't a tutor who simply goes through the Math textbook during class. He emphasises on the importance of fundamental learning as understanding key concepts in Math is crucial. If I am unable to understand a concept, he continues simplifying it for me until I fully grasp it. His greatest strength is that he never leaves his students’ side. I have seen him sacrifice his meals, off-days and even sleep so he could assist me with the complications I faced while solving Math sums.
  • Jedidiah Lim
    Serangoon Junior College
    Alvin’s unique and engaging method of teaching us let me enjoy Math in a way I never thought was possible. Without Alvin’s tutelage, I would not have gotten an A for H2 Math that I worked so hard for! Annexe taught me how to master Math and even gave me new friends and memories that I will remember dearly for the rest of my life. Thank you Alvin and The Annexe Project for giving me a second home to learn and grow.
  • Zhao Xu Ze
    Nanyang Junior College
    Alvin is an outstanding teacher who goes beyond his job of teaching, and bonds with his students by creating memorable connections with us. He also makes his lessons interesting and easy-to-understand by sharing great study tips and resourceful shortcuts.The Annexe Project has helped me tremendously during my school days, and I’m certain that I definitely wouldn't have achieved my As if it were not for Alvin's constant help and guidance.
  • Keith Ng
    Temasek Junior College
    Alvin’s teaching methods were integral in helping me achieve good results. Alvin’s patience with every student is truly commendable. If I am unsure about a concept, Alvin will explain the answer to me very clearly and only move ahead with the lesson if he is convinced that I am familiar with every detail of the Math sum. He is also very well-organised and illustrates clear diagrams in his extensive list of notes that let us fully understand how to solve a wide range of questions.
  • Won Jer Maine
    Serangoon Junior College
    Under the ASTRO programme, we completed weekly exam papers under timed conditions. This was very useful leading up to the A-levels as it gave me the practice and momentum I needed for a 3-hour Math paper. With Alvin’s help and constant motivation, I improved tremendously and managed to jump 4 grades within 9 months for A-levels! I am extremely thankful to Alvin and appreciate his dedication to help his students improve and excel.
  • Sai Shnyenn
    Chung Cheng High School (Main)
    Alvin was always there for me whenever I needed help with tough Math sums. He gave me constant guidance and even went the extra mile to schedule consultations with me. Alvin’s expertise on the subject allowed me to learn something new every lesson! Thanks to Alvin’s constant encouragement and his clarity in teaching style, I’ve maintained a strong A throughout my entire Secondary 4 journey which is something I would have never have dreamed of.
  • Loy Sing Qiang
    Meridian Junior College
    He was really special. His explanation of math problems was done with wonderful clarity, as each and every one of us could understand his solutions effortlessly. He didn't just present the answers in a slipshod manner with poorly drawn diagrams like some other teachers do, but instead always took the effort to draw his diagrams with utmost recision, showing how serious he took his work. His professionalism is commendable.
  • Lee Le Xin
    Victoria Junior College
    I remember fondly the times when Alvin would stay back beyond his working hours just to help us to understand the concepts and to ensure that we were able to fully grasp them. His constant encouragements and unwavering belief in me also renewed a hope in me for the subject and a confidence not from my own abilities in math, but from a faith in their teaching and guidance.
  • Nandini
    Anderson Junior College
    Alvin is a role model in terms of both character and achievements. Alvin has cultivated mental strength in me to face challenges and adversities, as well as to overcome my setbacks. He has also made work look like play – he made me enjoy what I was doing for two years in Junior College, despite my initial inhibitions. Alvin has always challenged me to keep doing better in Math.

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We aim to establish The Annexe Project at the forefront of Singapore’s tuition industry, going even beyond quality education by providing programmes that suit the unique individual needs of students.


We aim to ensure that students achieve their academic goals to help them make the next step towards their future ambitions, by allowing them to understand and overcome their limitations, uncover their potential and cultivate their strengths.

About The Tuition Centre

The Annexe Project is a creative centre that caters to secondary and junior college students. We specialize in Mathematics and English, preparing students for their Cambridge O-Level and A-Level examinations. We also offer courses to prepare for Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) to international students seeking admission to our mainstream schools in Singapore and International Foundation Programme (IFP) offered by the University of London in the spirit of enabling students from around the world to have the opportunity to pursue a Foundation Programme without having to fly to London.

We are home to local and foreign students alike, providing a place where they can uncover their true academic potential, learn more about themselves, and create strong friendships. Guided by the passion of our founder and principal Mr. Alvin Yeo, we have grown from our humble beginnings as a small learning abode to the successful educational institution we are today. The burgeoning of our student population can be undoubtedly attributed to the satisfied parents who have graciously spread the word about our establishment, as well as our superior track record of students’ O-Level and A-Level results.

We want to assist students in achieving their academic goals in an environment that encourages their individuality and strengths, that helps them confront their weaknesses, and the memories that they create here will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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