Math in Everyday Life: The Surprising Ways It Impacts Our Lives

Sometimes math topics can get so complex and hard we wonder if we are ever going to use them in real life. However, it does play a crucial role in our lives. Math is used in nearly every aspect of our life. Whether it be making measurements, cooking a meal, the number of days until your next holiday, or the cost of petrol. We use math constantly, and it’s a fundamental part of our lives.

We all know that math is essential. And yet, it’s not unusual for people to avoid this subject if they don’t need it in their job. 

But the reality is that math isn’t just a subject— it’s an instrumental part of our daily life. Here are some examples of how math impacts our lives and why we should pay attention in class!


Budgeting is one of the most crucial tasks in our life – right up there next to eating and sleeping.  However, many people don’t give their budget the attention it deserves. 

Proper budgeting can make a huge difference in your everyday life. However, managing money can be a difficult task. Budgeting requires you to harness the power of math and this task can be made more accessible by understanding basic mathematic concepts. 

Discounts, best price matches for your budget, forecasting, and budgeting for the future and all other financial decisions require mathematical calculations on your part. 

So paying attention during math class is only bound to help your financial future!


Time and distance are essential as mathematical variables. However, their importance increases exponentially while traveling. Knowing how to read a map, finding shortcuts and the mode of transportation will impact your travel route and time requires you to understand math. 

When traveling, you mostly likely want to arrive at a specific time to your destination while using the most efficient, economical and environmental-friendly resources and mode of transport. To accomplish such goals, you can charter your way with the aid of approximating average speed, traffic delays, travel time, cost and fuel needed for the journey using math.

The concepts you might want to employ are the distance formula, algebra, geometry, estimation, rounding, fractions, ratios, proportion, rational expressions, conversions and rates.

Getting to places on time with efficient use of resources is necessary for today’s world, and knowing math is a must!


For those who take up stitching as a job or a hobby, you may know how much math you need to use here. Every cuff, neck size, thigh size, etc. all require us to measure people using mathematical scales. You may also need to approximate the nearest measurements, which is also a form of math. 


Cooking is an integral part of our daily lives. It requires mathematical measurement of all types. Be it time, volume, or mass, knowing how much to stir or the amount of water to add in. All these require math at the basic level – think concepts like adding, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. 

Exercising And Dieting

Exercising and keeping fit have a lot to do with math. To keep up with a healthy diet, you may want to track the calories you intake, the calories you exhaust, and the amount of exercise you are doing. 

You could note down exact measurements so that you can keep a good record. Then you can use your records to calculate tasks like how many pushups you need to do today, the number of laps you should run, your top speed etc. All this calculations comes under everyday math. 

A lot of athletes attribute their success to maintaining strict protocols and recording their statistics. This goes on to show that keeping math as an ally goes a long way for good health.


Sports also utilizes math. This is quite beginner-level math we are talking about here. Still, critical factors like keeping score, running down time, and speed are vital parts of nearly every sport.

Furthermore, math is also used for professional athletes. For example, it’s used in maintaining a player’s diet and physical health to perform better. 

In professional sports, like football, various player statistics are calculated by mathematical formulas. In addition, other complex mathematical formulas are used to find out the legality of a goal or a shot.

Home Decor

Home interior design, renovation and decor is something we need to do or manage at some point in our lives. Armed with the floor plan and measurements, we need to calculate how we cut and place floor tiles, install fixtures like cabinets, kitchen tops, sinks and cabinets.

And how can we forget accurately placing a painting or a piece of art above the furniture to make it look even more beautiful. The symmetry we try to attain here is also a department of our beloved subject called math!

If you are looking to becoming a home interior designer or architect, concepts like volume and area calculation, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and even accounting are good mathematical skills to have in your toolbelt.

That’s why math is essential to allow you to breeze through the hassles of everyday life.

Other Branches Of Science

It’s something that our teachers have always been telling us: Math is the basis of Science! So if you want to excel in sciences, you have to be competent in math first. Students with a good grasp of mathematic concepts can better understand science and commerce subjects. 

A well-known application of Math can be found in Biology. Mathematical Biologists are known to use complex mathematical models. The power of mathematical models is that they can predict or describe natural occurrences without being stuck in the raw, numerical data. For example, scientists use mathematical models to view and describe the behavior patterns and population changes over time of living organisms.

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