2023 A Level Results

A huge congratulation to all our 2023 A Level students! The A Level results were released on 23rd February and every one at The Annexe Project are so proud of each and every one of you. This journey for the past 2 years was tedious and tough at times but you guys pushed on with a smile always and never showed signs of giving up.

SubjectPercentage for 2023
H2 Mathematics57.9% A & B
H2 Physics60%    A & B

A Level results is merely a token to gain admission to your choice of University and course.

It does not determine your future. I have witnessed ex students who achieved great things because they were focused and knew exactly what they wanted in life. Some of them were head-hunted by big firms even before they graduated from their courses while some of them started their own companies because they had entrepreneurial spirit in them. Check out some of our very own Annexians on Instagram who have started their own companies:

@pandawithacam  @nicholas.training.systems  @odysseyboardco  @odysseyskateschool

So move on to this new chapter with anticipation and an eagerness to learn and explore the world, and remember that The Annexe Project will always be a second home for you to come back to, if you ever need to seek solace and some TLC.

Love always, Alvin.